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Arnett Tanner12

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In a world where death has been technologically and legally abolished and life is infinite, Arnett Tanner seeks an end to his existence.


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A Vampire, a Lycan, and a Human are each born with unique powers and a connection to their races’ origins. Thrown together by chance they must flee those that would murder them out of fear and scramble to decipher the mysteries surrounding their very existence.

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Fifteen year old Ellen King and twenty year old Jack Chandler have shared a special bond since childhood. When their relationship matures and rumors start to swirl, Jack is accused of statutory rape.

Red Orchid Cover

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Aurora Morse is an isolated creature, a Nymph requiring sex for sustenance, living with little knowledge of who or what she is. She works as a whore in Newark to satisfy her cravings and fill her wallet. When a rendezvous with a regular goes bad, Aurora learns that her name is well known in an underworld she didn’t know existed. Fighting the desire to use her shape-shifting abilities to disappear, she sets out to discover who she is and why someone wants her dead.

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Madison Roper is Skankarella, a shy lesbian trapped under the oppressive thumb of her religious stepfamily. Julia Prince is a tomboyish freshman at the University of Kansas who wants neither the boy-chasing life her mother would have her pursue, or the engineering career set up by her father. A chance encounter causes both to see something in the other that they deeply desire. Acceptance.

Vengeance Cover

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Ellie wakes up stripped down to her panties and bound at the wrists. She should be trembling, should be dreading his touch, but her obvious arousal betrays her. Episodically written as 21 short stories, and pornographic in nature, Vengeance is best regarded and consumed as such.

The Void Cover

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The Void is a dream world shared in the slumbers of thousands of victims of abuse. It is the haven in which their minds have allowed them to seek refuge from the indefatigable horrors of their real lives. Follow Andrey, Clementine, Eve, Natalie, Owen, and Taryn as they explore this haven and come to terms with the struggles in their lives.


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