Published Short Stories (Other e-Readers)

Conversation with Lucifer Cover

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Hell is not what I expected, nor is its Master.


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Juliet Timmons, president of the Society of Women Engineers at a male dominated university, must confront a series of escalating sexual assaults on campus while struggling to define what being a feminist means to her.

Haven Cover

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Despite the oppressive influences of her rural church, Yvette lusts after Persephone, a willowy nerd that no one else seems to notice. As they careen towards each other, a disapproving community readies itself to destroy the abomination developing in their midst.

Hobo Cover

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A brief fictional account of a rescued kitten. Based, in bits and pieces, on the eleven cats my family and I have rescued from being dumped by our rural house over the last fifteen years.

Kaseys Song Finished Cover

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The story of a young girl’s attempts to navigate both a difficult home life and a spot in a softball league above her age level.


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To be young and in love is to be a liar, willfully, blissfully ignorant, or both.

Mount Marcy Cover

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A journey of love and solitude up Mount Marcy in New York State’s Adirondack Mountains.

The New Dog

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Honey and Vanek welcome a new dog, Gerbe, into the house. Written from Honey’s and Gerbe’s points of view and based on their real life adventures. With pictures!

Oak Cover

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The oak tree that dominates the Marshville Town Cemetery has a nasty habit of getting its roots into coffins and wrenching the corpses out of the earth.

Perception Cover

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A nighttime visitor makes a college student wonder what types of communication are truly important.

Promise Ring Large

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When a college student’s rejected proposal turns a relationship into ashes, an obnoxious girl helps him rise again.

Honey Cover

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The life and times of my dog Honey. From her perspective.

Shenandoah Cover

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In the Shenandoah National Park nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, a teenage boy and girl find companionship for the first time.

Soulmate Cover

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A series of manufactured ‘chance’ encounters leads to an interesting relationship between two college students.

Studying Cover

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He needs her help in chemistry. What price will he pay for it?

The Suicide Notes

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A young man’s last gasp at finding meaning in the world.

Telluride Cover

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Transitions Cover

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The short story of a man born in a woman’s body, and the community that doesn’t understand. Not for the sexually prude, nor the faint of heart.


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Vivid dreams and an odd nighttime visitor make a man question his purpose in the world.



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