Hello, I am now doing requests and commissions.

  • Want a personalized story?
  • Editing on a piece, project, or essay?
  • Help with your resume?
  • Instructions that teach your Grandma how to Skype or Facebook?
  • Want to know how many points Sidney Crosby or Hilary Knight have scored on Mondays?
  • Something else? Doesn’t hurt to ask.

We’ll figure out fees based on length and ambitiousness of project.


I’ve been writing novels and short stories for 15 years. You can check out some of my work linked in the menus at the top, or head over to Pages at the University de Sade for some free content.

Non-Fiction / Journalism

I am the creator and writer for Title IX Hockey and have formerly written for Black and Blue and Gold and Along the Boards. I mostly focus on statistical analyses (not many of those for women’s sports) and promoting the sport and access to it. I’ve written to several style guidelines, mostly AP and the Chicago Manual of Style.

Technical Writing

I’ve worked on technical documentation for eight years in Civil Engineering, Manufacturing, Data Analysis, and eBook Publishing. I edit, update, and maintain this document.