The Democrats ARE Condescending, and they Also Suck

The Democrats are condescending to rural voters, and they do fail to understand what went wrong in 2016 (and for decades before).  Because it turns out the problem wasn’t Earl from rural Pennsylvania, it was your buddy Bob one cubicle over who voted for Trump despite living in a gated community and never having seen a black person in his life.  Earl can’t get high speed internet where he lives, and he doesn’t have cable TV.  He was born into a household well below the poverty line and as soon as he hit the right age, he started working.  The fuck you blaming him for?  Even if he did vote for Trump, did he know any better?  I don’t see Democrats laying any god damn fiber.

Bob though, Bob had a fucking chance to be a good person and he willfully blew it so he could save a few pennies on his taxes.  Go kick Bob in the dick.

The Democrats are condescending and smug and to all the wrong people to boot.  They forget that a lot of working class voters aren’t white.  They forget that a lot of liberals live in so-called flyover states.  They’ve never actually entertained an actual leftist thought in their lives.  And when someone deigns to bring one up, they blast it to shit.  It took so long to get Democrats talking about living wages, but that’s always been a winner.  It won HUGE in Alaska, Arkansas, Nebraska, and fucking South Dakota in 2014.

Democrats bitch about “purity tests” from the far left.  About how a stance on one issue or another makes a candidate unviable for some.  Uh…maybe you and your DNC buddies could nominate candidates that aren’t shit.  Maybe if someone is stupid enough to praise Nancy Reagan of all people for AIDS outreach, maybe if they campaign on turning moderate Republicans instead of getting liberals to show up they don’t deserve to be president.  Maybe if someone can’t support gay marriage in Vermont in 2006, maybe if they want to protect gun companies for some stupid reason, they’re just a fucking coward, no matter how Brooklyn their accent.  Maybe if…something about Martin O’Malley and that other dude.  Wait, were there five?

Earlier today I was thinking about the most nationally viable progressive politician to rally around and, depressingly, there isn’t one.  Admittedly, I can find few reasons to hate Keith Ellison and Kirsten Gillibrand, but they’re still capitalists, and any political and economic system built on greed and not empathy deserves to die.  They’re also, a combined 300 years old.  I exaggerate, but in 2020 Ellison will be 57 and Gillibrand 54.  They came of age between 1978 and 1991.  Sorry, that is not a person equipped to understand the alt-right, to lead a digital world, to empathize with those in massive student loan debt.  That is not a person that is going to undo all that the Boomer generation did to cripple the lives of Millennials.  This is not a person that can handle the technological savvy of Russia or China.

That progressive leader right now is 35.  They turned 18 at the turn of the millennium.  They understand the internet.  They have friends with student loans if they don’t have any themselves.  They weren’t born into money.  They probably aren’t white.  Go find them.

The Democrats won’t though because the biggest issue of our time is how to unfuck the lives of the Millennial generation and the Democrats sure as shit aren’t about helping people, they’re about empowering Democrats.  (They’re also about being just racist enough to maintain white supremacy, but not too racist so they can maintain plausible deniability.)

We’re so goddamn short-sighted and simplistic in this country that no one can admit that the Democrats are utter shit, just like the Republicans.  Why?  Because every time you do that, someone mistakes it to mean that the Democrats are just as bad as the Republicans, which is a completely different thing.  But, like the Republicans, the Democrats have failed us.  They have failed us in a different way, one that fucks us over less, but they have failed us.

It’s heartening to see grassroots activism tearing their representatives to shreds by calling their phones nonstop or just running them off the road (note: wild exaggeration if you read the article).  (If your representative tries to kill you with their healthcare vote, what is justifiable self-defense?)

But a good America would have elected Hillary and done this anyway.  A good America would use the Democratic party to defeat the Republicans and then utterly dismantle it.  Hillary was shit and her cronies were shit, and so was Bernie and his cronies.

But we’re not a good country, we’re a country full of morons and racists.  Our demise began when some shithead put JFK on TV and we started electing politicians on appearances and not substance.  (JFK was superior in both by the way.)  Then some other shithead thought it would be a good idea to ask which candidate Americans would rather have a beer with and now all our rich asshole politicians have to cosplay regular folks en route to the white house.  It’s as useless as it is insulting.

The Russia investigation is a lot of things, but if you can disassociate yourself from reality enough, it’s utterly hilarious.  Because we, as a country, deserve this.  We, as a country full of fear-mongering white people, who eschewed making our coworkers and our friends and our communities more talented, because brown people are scary, deserve this.  We, who started electing beer buddies that are stupid enough to tweet their passwords on multiple occasions, deserve this.  We, who have done next to nothing to upgrade our voting infrastructure, deserve this.

I can only imagine the expressions of unrestrained glee on the Russians when they realized that our voting machines’ security consisted of being locked in library basements and “oh my god they’re so fucking old, what is this Norton Antivirus from 1997.”  I can only imagine their amazement when they met people like Trump and Flynn and Sessions for the first time.  God I hope they met Giuliani.  I bet they thought he was hilarious.  We walked ourselves right into this by being selfish, short-sighted, greedy racist assholes.

Our media failed us by enriching themselves rather than subscribing to any standards of integrity.  Our politicians failed us by taking advantage.  And we failed ourselves by not caring.

And somewhere out there is a black woman, hoarse in the throat, who’s been screaming at us about all this shit all along, only we didn’t listen.  She doesn’t deserve this, marginalized groups, who have seen these things coming from miles upon miles away don’t deserve this.

We can only hope they still have the energy to save us one more time.

Or maybe this time we could help.



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