Pages Episode 28 and Some Notes

Hello!  After a brief hiatus, I have published Pages from the University de Sade Episode 28, which centers around Kenzi, Ellie, and Liz and their growing relationship and friendships with one another.  This arc eventually will lead somewhere pretty big I think so this is one you won’t want to miss.

I post the “Other E-Readers” link at the bottom of each post, but (per Smashwords) you should be able to find it available on every local eBookstore (e.g. Apple) in addition to getting it direct from Smashwords. The only exception to this is Kindle so I provide that link as well. As always you can navigate to my Amazon author page via the menu at the top.

On Writing Erotica

The big difference in writing an erotic series (a good one anyway) and random erotica is that you can’t always write about the sex, otherwise it turns into The Same Fucking Fantasy Packaged a Slightly Different Way Episode 193. I’m sure we’ve all seen that on Literotica. The characters need room to grow outside their fucking, and that (hopefully) makes their fucking better. Even when the characters do have sex, it’s sometimes more illuminating to explore things other than what’s happening in bed…or up against the wall.

It’s difficult striking a balance between having enough sex to keep it interesting as, you know, erotica and enough character development to string together a series.  But I think without the latter, the former falls a little flat.

Current Work

I am finishing up my novel featuring a transgender main character.  It will probably go through more editing than my usual process – it’s definitely something I want to get right.

Next up, and I am eager to get started on this, I will be working on a story following a women’s hockey team at a small college.  I think it will be interesting to follow both the big-picture struggle as a team, particularly as a women’s team, and the small-picture intricacies of team members’ personal lives and their interactions with one another.


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