More University de Sade on Kindle and some Background

Pages from the University de Sade Episode 18 is now also available on Kindle.  Episode 18 largely centers around Kenzi as she continues to find herself.  She’s come to the realization that she knows far less about herself and what she wants.  In true heavy-handed Kenzi fashion, her response has been to present herself for all to see, taking to walking around the University nude.

The friendship between Kenzi and Ellie is one of my favorite relationships in Pages.  Initially I had thought of Kenzi as an older mentor to Ellie, but as Ellie gained confidence, she unintentionally exposed some areas where Kenzi was lacking it.  I think Kenzi is jealous of the ease with which Ellie and Liz operate and wishes she could find a place where she fits so easily.

Kenzi certainly projects a larger than life persona, and Ellie looks up to her in a lot of ways.  But Kenzi is also a free spirit and a bit of a floater, and while that’s exciting, the lack of stability can be wearing.  She is essentially a hippie that came from money.  She has a narrow view of the world due to her upbringing, and the capacity to see so much more, she just hasn’t had the opportunity.  She is, as we’ve seen, somewhat ignorant to the struggles faced by people of color, by the disabled, but she also has an extreme motivation to throw herself into solving those problems.

Kenzi is the type of person that, upon seeing an injustice, to take the initiative and fix it.  If she sees racism, she calls it out.  If there’s no wheelchair access, she builds a ramp.  Ellie is more prone to seek out the people being affected and to support and empathize with them.

Ash and Salihah are the other two I would consider to be main characters.  They’re both a bit further along than Kenzi or Ellie so their appearances have been somewhat small, but both are growing into leadership roles in their own ways.  Salihah in particular has a great capacity to empathize with those around her, and to do the best thing for everyone involved.  She is actually very similar to the Headmistress in her level of self-confidence, but that obviously projects into submission.

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