Pages from the University de Sade Episode 26! And Schedule Changes

Episode 26 of Pages is now live on Smashwords and Kindle.  You can read a preview here.

Headmistress Arrington and a nude Kenzi get to know one another. Meanwhile the buxom Bristol and her well-endowed country Daddy Garth meet downtown to do the same.

I’m going to move UDS to an every other week publication. Though I have a current backlog of written work, I don’t think I can keep up with a weekly release. On the off weeks I will continue to move the remainder of Pages to Kindle. This week I added Episode 17: Entry Level, which should appear on my author page shortly.

Coming up in Pages from the University de Sade:

  • Liz shares his love of photography with his submissive Ellie while she gains insights into both him and herself.
  • The MILF goes to work at the fraternity she serves, waiting on and pleasuring the brothers fully nude.
  • The Fall Slave Hunt is upon us!  Two-doze nude slaves are let loose on campus and hunted on campus by paintball gun-wielding Doms and Dommes.  Winner takes home their catch and owns them for the weekend (within limits of course).
  • Are Kenzi and Ellie just friends, or are there hints of something more?

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