Pages from the University de Sade Episode 25 Live! And Returning to Kindle!

Pages from the University de Sade Episode 25: Nightmare is live!  Check out a preview here or head on over to Smashwords to purchase. Episode 25 dips heavily into sadism and masochism and features two new characters. Lesbians and sadism!

I have also made the decision to again publish to Kindle. You can view my titles on my Author Page here. Pages from the University de Sade is available on Kindle through episode 15 with 16 going live some time within the next few days. Over the course of the next several weeks I will be catching Kindle up with Smashwords.

Why did I quit Kindle in the first place?

It wasn’t worth it at the time. I was getting very little in the way of royalties through Kindle and I had moral reservations (still do!) about Kindle’s tendency to demand exclusivity and suppress indie authors.

So why am I going back?

I want to give it another shot, mostly because I know how to make a better eBook, and will be marketing my work for basically the first time ever. (Follow me at @ABAWriting!) Instead of just crapping out a word document and uploading it, I am now using Previewer to perform QA on my work. I also have the ability to manually edit epub files, though Smashwords struggles with them so I will probably largely avoid doing this.

Can you expect anything new?

Well Amazon has the Author Page that I’ve linked above. This is a pretty good way to compile all my work and (to be honest) it looks a bit more professional than Smashwords. I have had some early success doing a modicum of marketing myself so that will continue. My main way of doing that will generally be to produce content and let you know about it, so you’re all the winners here since you’ll have more to read.

I also want to tentatively try taking requests for work / stories. I’ve never really done that before and it may be a giant disaster, but I’d like to give it a shot.


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