Work Progressed, In Progress, and Impending Progress


I have finally finished reformatting all my novels now that I know how to make a half-decent looking eBook.  You can pick them up at the following links:

The Chosen (Smashwords, Kindle) – A single vampire, lycan, and human are born with powers beyond the normal of their species.  They must figure out who they are, why they are on the earth, and why a sect of vampires is trying to hunt them down.

Skankarella (Smashwords, Kindle) – Madison Roper is a shy artistic lesbian whose father married into a deeply religious family that hates her.  By chance she meets the athletic Julia Prince.  Will romance get a chance to blossom?  Can I successfully write a retelling of the Cinderella story that isn’t vapid? 15% off until April 13th on Smashwords!

Arnett Tanner Wants to Die (Smashwords, Kindle) – In the future death has been outlawed. Everyone’s consciousness is regularly backed up onto memory drives and re-uploaded into a lab-grown body upon death. Amid it all, Arnett Tanner seeks a way out.

The Void (Smashwords, Kindle) – In the waking world they are victims of mental and physical abuse, but when they fall asleep they share a haven in their dreams. Read as several people get to know each other in the only solace they know from their lives.

Kissing Ellen King (Smashwords, Kindle) – Teenager Jack’s relationship with his underage girlfriend goes south when he is forced to register as a sex offender. Can their relationship survive when society thinks he is the worst kind of person?

The Red Orchid Blooms (Smashwords, Kindle) – Aurora Morse doesn’t really know who or what she is, only that she’ll die without sex. Then she meets an entire community of people like her.  I wrote this completely ignorant of the show Lost Girl, I swear.

In Progress

This weekend I will be publishing a rather lengthy (for a short) FemDom story for Pages from the University de Sade.  From the episode On Your Knees:

Evelyn Sanchez walked up and down the line of new pledges, surveying the crop before them.  There had been five graduating seniors the previous year and so there were five new boys to replace them, although three of those that had graduated were remaining in Charenton and would continue to be involved with Omicron Upsilon Kappa.  Behind her stood the rest of the Fraternity’s Governesses, four women, their faces masked with bandannas like Evelyn’s, their eyes offering the only window into their thoughts that the new men would get.

The fraternity’s current members, all thirteen of them, were behind her as well, kneeling at the feet of the women in neat rows.  Evelyn walked down the row of kneeling pledges, using her crop to spread the legs of a few that were not wide enough for her satisfaction and to prod at the cocks that had begun to grow stiff.

Impending Progress

I know I’ve mentioned it a few times, but just to say it again, I’m working on a story featuring a trans main character that isn’t; 1. solely about transitioning, 2. full of heartbreak, and 3. a story where someone dies. I’m past 40,000 words now and I expect to end somewhere between 60,000 and 70,000.  Once I finish it will probably be 2-4 weeks of editing before it goes live. I am hoping to have it in stores by June.

My next novel will be, in few words, a Mighty Ducks style story with an all-women hockey team. Women’s sports deal with a number of issues in struggling against their male counterparts, and just for relevance alone. I’d like to write about a team that tackles these issues, while also delving into the intimate details of players’ lives. How do black and white, queer and straight, rich and poor girls come together as teammates? We’ll find out.


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