Pages from the University de Sade: Episode 23 live and a primer

I just published Episode 23: Breaking the Dam of Pages from the University de Sade. The direct link to purchase is here. But perhaps I am getting a little bit ahead of myself.

What is Pages from the University de Sade?

I was, and am a longstanding reader of Tales of MU by Alexandra Erin. I had long been entranced by the thought of a school or university where kink was not just accepted, but an integral part of the culture. I had thought about taking a magic-themed approach, much like Tales, but decided instead to go full human. I think there is a dearth of good BDSM fiction, and especially BDSM fiction that is varied and representative of culture at large.

There are other relationships aside from older, straight, male Dom and younger female sub (often both white) and I wanted to have a vehicle through which I could write about a variety of BDSM relationships. I wanted it to be more than a loose collection of fuck stories. I wanted it to be about real people who grow and evolve along with their kink. I want to see a submissive woman get to the point where she tightens the buckles on her strapon. I want to see characters of color, trans characters, LGBTQ characters all enjoying their own unique relationships.

So I began writing Pages from the University de Sade.

The University de Sade, or UDS, is set somewhere in North Dakota, operating outside the laws of the United States because I don’t want to spend a paragraph explaining why it’s okay for half the students at a university to walk around naked. The story begins with Ellie, a 16 year old runaway trying to find the legendary University de Sade where she seeks shelter and acceptance. Oh shit, 16?  Well, minors have sex, and minors are curious about bondage (I know I was), and rather than pretending these things aren’t true and ignoring the topic entirely, I think a hypothetical reader who thinks they’re deranged because they like rope should be able to see themselves represented in fiction and having healthy relationships. When I was fifteen and dealing with a lot of self-loathing feelings about myself and my sexuality, I was desperate for someone or something to not only tell me it was okay, but also to help me learn how to explore these things in a healthy way. So yeah.

The story quickly branches out to cover several different characters and to build the world in which the UDS exists. It is (obviously) somewhat outside of reality, but I try to keep a balance between salacious fantasy and real-world bondage.

The episodic nature gives me the opportunity to do one-off fuck stories, and to explore more complex character arcs. The main characters right now are fairly clear, but who knows if things will stay that way. Ultimately I’d like to build the amount of nontraditional kinky fiction that’s out there in the world. I want to write queer relationships, gender non-conforming relationships, and relationships between poor people. I feel like BDSM quickly gets boring when a wealthy Dom can do anything and there’s no real conflict. I’d also be super open to guest-writers who can cover certain topic far better than I can.

I post regularly at the link above and every 6th episode is free. I try to publish every couple of weeks, but often get sidetracked.  I have a lot already written so hopefully I can keep that pace for a bit.


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