Amazon Author Page and Re-releases Abound

If you haven’t noticed the menu at the top yet, I’ve created an Amazon author page, which you can view here. Of course, you can always view my Smashwords profile here. I’m also consolidating all my promotional stuff through my new twitter account @ABAWriting. It’s mostly an effort to be better organized. I want my stuff to be as easily found as possible and have as many paths leading to it as possible as well.

Now that I know more about how to make a decent eBook, I am also working on reformatting everything. So far I have re-released The Chosen, Skankarella, and The Void. These are also available through Amazon, which you can find through my author page. Hooray, the system works!

Once I start getting these things a bit more set up I’ll be able to focus more on actually writing things and generating the #content you all know and love. I’m looking to publish more consistently, particularly Pages from the University de Sade so if you like me you should have plenty to read. I don’t really have anything more to say so here’s a picture of me and one of my goats.


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I am awesome.

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