On Being an Indie Author

So I just launched a Twitter account (@ABAWriting) that will focus exclusively on advertising and promoting my work.  I’ve always hated the idea of advertising, particularly on my personal account where it just seems so out of place.  At the same time, I’d like people to be able to find my work more easily.  I make a few hundred dollars a year selling books with zero advertising.  It stands to reason that I could increase that by doing some advertising.

Making the decision to self-publish is a little bit like investing in a pyramid scheme run by yourself.  You have loads of potential buyers in friends and family, but the well either runs dry pretty quickly or you feel bad bugging the shit out of them, or both.  This way the avenue to my work is there and people can get that if they want it and avoid being hassled if they don’t.

The writing part of being an author has always been easy for me.  All the other stuff is where I get hung up.  Simply put, I need to be more organized.  I need to be consistently creating (check), editing (uh…), and promoting (well, shit) content.  I’ve spent the past three years covering women’s hockey for @TitleIXHockey and, without really trying to, built up a good following.  It’s gone from ‘hey this is fun’ to ‘holy shit, some Really Important People are following and retweeting me.’  And this is writing about women’s sports and antagonizing any mainstream writer that doesn’t give women athletes the respect they deserve (which is all the mainstream writers).  I’m not exactly doing myself any favors in terms of popularity.

It leaves me wondering what would happen if I actually tried to sell myself, even just a little.  Well…here we go.

Working on:

  • Pages from the University de Sade Episode 23 (editing)
  • Pages from the University de Sade Episode 30 (writing, 3,500 words written)
  • Pages, if you don’t know is meant to be episodic, inclusive, intersectional BDSM fiction, something you can’t find anywhere in the mainstream.
  • I’m also working on a novel (40,000 words written) with a trans main character. LGBTQ fiction tends to focus solely on the type of queerness in question, have someone die, or end in heartbreak.  I want to tell more, different, never heard queer stories.

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