What I Do

There’s been a lot going around about how to best resist our tiny-handed fascist in chief and the horde of Nazis and racists and Nazi racists (redundant?) that he wants to nominate to cabinet positions.  A lot of it is good advice, and certain things work for certain people and not others.  I can’t tell anyone what to do, but this is what I do.

A little over a year ago I made the decision to stop financially supporting men’s sports. Sure I still watch the MLS and occasionally the NFL but I don’t remember the last money I spent on men’s sports.  (It was probably a WHL game.)  They’re largely a cesspool of rape culture and toxic masculinity and homophobia and a host of other things I was tired of putting up with so I quit.  They don’t deserve my money.

I started supporting women’s sports instead.  They’re underpaid, undercovered and underrated.  I became a Seattle Reign season ticket holder, an NCAA Women’s Hockey analyst, an a general supporter of women’s athletics.  In addition to literally every piece of Reign merchandise that tickled my fancy (seriously) I have shirseys for Harrison Browne (Buffalo Beauts), Miye D’Oench (New York Riveters), Shannon MacAulay (Clarkson University), Tobin heath (Portland Thorns), a plain Beauts shirt, a Beauts hat, a Boston Breakers hat, an NWHL shirt, a Victory Press shirt, and probably a few others I’m forgetting.

I also made the decision to support LGBTQ charities in red states, notably Equality NC, Lucie’s Place in Arkansas, and the Shepherd Wellness Community in Pennsylvania.  I’ve given to women’s charities Vera House, the Girl Scouts of Western Washington and the Western Washington Female Hockey Association.

I make a conscientious effort not to spend money at places I know are in opposition to equality.  Not just the obvious ones like Hobby Lobby, the Salvation Army, and Chick-fil-a, but also places like Trader Joes who has an HRC equality score of 20/100.

I don’t buy comics unless they feature a female protagonist and have at least one female contributor.

The whole point here is to fund your friends and not your enemies, even if your enemies make the best dumpster chicken out of all the dumpster chicken.  Some concessions inevitably must be made, maybe a lot depending on where you live, but it’s something not a lot of people think about.

You could also punch a Nazi in the face.


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