I’ve started the purge, the ridding my life of the useful idiots, the willful ignorants and the can’t we all just get alongs.  My patience for well-meaning straight white people who don’t get it and have no desire to ever attempt to is flat gone.

It’s the “well he really means…” people and the people who are too stupid or cowardly to identify racism if it doesn’t involve a white hood or the n-word who got us into this situation.  It’s also the people that see systemic violence perpetuated by the right, and backlash, self defense, and misplaced frustration by the left and act like they’re the same thing and not the grownup equivalent of one kid beating the shit out of another unprovoked and both of them getting suspend because they were in a fight.

You people are a bunch of assholes and I can’t afford to give you the benefit of the doubt while a bunch of horrible shit happens and you just kind of sit there.  Just because you don’t condemn LGBTQ doesn’t mean you’re an ally.  Allies actually, you know, do stuff from time to time.  I’m no longer making the leap from “this person is not terrible” to “this person supports me” because experience has taught me these things are miles apart.

I’m also not dealing with people that claim to care about me when they voted for a Trump – Pence ticket that thinks that AIDS funding should instead be used to electrocute the gay out of children.  Yes, Mike Pence in 2000 said that AIDS resources “should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior” aka reparative “therapy” wherein a bunch of Christians get together and abuse the hell out of LGBTQ people to make them straight.  (It doesn’t work.)  The people in my family that have decided this is an a-okay thing to vote for don’t deserve to be in my life.

I’m done with collaborators.  I’m done with people that will make any number of excuses, exercise any amount of intellectual dishonesty to allow evil to persist.  I’m done with people that history is going to remember as tacit supporters of the worst of humanity.




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