Woodinville Discontinues Community Tradition Because Brandon Buchanan Can’t Stand Up to Homophobes

Quotes from this article.

Woodinville City Manager Brandon Buchanan outed himself as a complete coward and potential homophobe by discontinuing a city tradition over a few complaints about a Pride display on the city’s fish sculpture.

The sculpture at the corner of Woodinville Way and Woodinville-Duvall Road is routinely decorated for local and national events. Residents have used the statue to celebrate everything from graduations to the success of local sports teams, but no more as City Manager Buchanan has declared a ban on decorations at the site.

The controversy stems from last month when statue was covered in the distinctive rainbow colors of the pride flag, both in celebration of June as Pride Month and as a response to the tragic shooting in Orlando.


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Rainbow decorations were added to the graduation congrats after the shootings in Orlando and during June’s Pride celebration. (Photo by Melissa Summers)

“Personally it’s saddening that something unique to the soul of our community has to be stopped because of something like this,” said Buchanan, apparently unaware that he made the fucking decision. “But on a professional side the law is long established: if I allow one I have to allow all” Buchanan continued, also apparently unaware that there are several laws that govern acceptable public conduct and displays and no he absolutely would not have to allow every display.

Based on local reporting Buchanan has received far more complaints about discontinuing the tradition than he did about the Pride colors.  It is perhaps telling whose complaints hold more weight to the City Manager.  Buchanan or the City have yet to show any sort of support for the LGBTQ community which would have been a pretty obvious way to convince people that neither Buchanan nor the city council are homophobic.

Buchanan made the decision to ban all decorations because he felt “if they allowed the city-owned sculpture to be used for one type of political speech, they would have to allow it to be used for all types, or risk facing charges of discrimination.”  Even though several government entities have displayed the Pride flag with no issues other than the complaints of a few shitty people.




Buchanan acknowledged that the decision had created controversy.

“Somehow it got translated into ‘the city took down decorations supporting Orlando victims,’” Buchanan said, which readers might recognize as exactly what happened. “It saddens me personally that people think I have some motivation against those minority groups” Buchanan added even though that’s the only reasonable conclusion as neither Buchanan nor the city of Woodinville have made any move to express support for the LGBTQ community in the wake of this decision.


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