I’m Voting Green Again

I’ll be perfectly honest, neither of the Democratic candidates are good enough for me.  Neither one is good enough at connecting with voters from various marginalized groups.

First you’ve got the warhawking Hillary Clinton who didn’t find it politically expedient to support Marriage Equality until very recently.  This is the same Hillary Clinton that calls the Reagans’ genocide via apathy against LGBT individuals by ignoring the AIDS crisis for years “low-key advocacy.”  These are the Reagans that ignored one of their closest friends’ please for help, who used to make jokes about AIDS deaths in the White-house.  Hillary Clinton thinks they were AIDS awareness advocates.

Speaking of things that are uncomfortably close to genocide, Hillary Clinton has the support of Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel whose unwillingness to institute major reforms within the Chicago Police force has had a disproportionate impact on Chicago residents of color.  This is a police force that has a documented history of torture.  Why this has not disqualified her among black voters, I do not know.

Sanders to his credit has condemned Emanuel.  I’m just not sure what to make of a northeastern senator that thinks he deserves ally cookies for being involved in the Civil Rights Movement a half century ago.  The Sanders campaign has not actively reached out to non-white voters, instead expecting them to fall in line behind him because of his past.  That’s not good enough.  I’m also not sure what to make of a senator that was too politically cowardly to endorse marriage equality in Vermont in 2006.

Bernie Sanders might be the best the Democratic Party has ever done (except for perhaps 2008 Obama), but I have to think that it can do better than him.


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  2. I voted for Hillary by the way. Easy choice after Jill Stein went alt-right collaborator on us.

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