Pierre LeBrun Doubles Down on NHL Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault Apologism (CW: DV, Sexual Assault)

I don’t really want to devote another space to ESPN writer Pierre LeBrun and his emergence as the biggest apologist for domestic violence and sexual assault and how the NHL handles it.  LeBrun has written another article ignoring the human impact of these crimes and instead bemoaned how such incidents besmirch the league’s reputation.  Because that’s the real story.  And lest you think this piece is just as shitty as his last one, rest assured that it comes with a whole lot more word vomit to say essentially the same thing.


LeBrun will tell you he is just acting as a mouthpiece for the players in the league as the piece is mostly filled with player quotes, and that would be fine if LeBrun was an actual microphone and not a human being with (alleged) independent thoughts and (allegedly) a degree that has educated him in how to convey those thoughts to the rest of us.

But instead we get:

Sidney Crosby thinking that raping or beating the shit out of someone are “challenging situations” or “making a mistake.”

‘Obviously, when you’re a professional athlete the expectations are a little bit higher, that’s something we all understand. It doesn’t mean we’re above making mistakes or that we won’t experience challenging situations. At that point, it’s about making the right decision.’

Dion Phaneuf echoing LeBrun’s sentiment that the real problem with  Patrick Kane (allegedly) raping someone and Slava Voynov beating his wife are how bad the incidents make the NHL look.

”And it’s been a tough summer for the National Hockey League.”

Gary Bettman being completely ignorant of NHL players history of committing acts of sexual assault and domestic violence and getting off mostly scot-free.

“What I’ve said is we have over 700 players, and overwhelmingly they conduct themselves in a magnificent, appropriate way that reflects well on each other, and on their teams, the league and the game.”

It’s social media’s fault that NHL players are raping and beating women.

“Another dynamic at play here is that never before has every action by a pro athlete been more under the spotlight. Social media’s 24/7 glare is a reality that players are very much aware of.”

An aside before I continue.  Maybe Pierre, maaayyybe the NHL is gaining a (well deserved) reputation for having a culture problem because the dissemination of information is no longer in the hands of people like you who simply toe the party line and sweep everything possible under the rug.  Maybe.

Then there’s the victim-blaming garbage that came from Tyler Seguin.

“You have to be so careful of other people,” Seguin told ESPN The Magazine this week. “It’s changing to the point of where it was cool to see a celebrity athlete out,  to ‘How can I get money?’ or ‘How can I hurt this person?’ It’s sad. It started in the other leagues, now it’s coming to our league.”

“You just have to be careful. You have to know when to be a pro athlete and when you can just hang out and be a kid.”

LeBrun adds his own thoughts:

“How do you walk that line?”

Gee, I dunno Pierre, not raping and beating women would be a good start.  But don’t worry, Pierre LeBrun is here to tell you about the benefits of women getting beaten and raped!

“It’s been a bad few months for the NHL but perhaps the silver lining is the wake-up call it has served to many players.”

Holy shit, did you really talk about horrible, horrible crimes that have been committed against women in terms of how they can benefit the NHL?  Good god.





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