Kit Harrington is Bad At Intersectionality

Kit Harrington is apparently uncomfortable with being objectified because of his role as Jon Snow on TV’s Game of Thrones which is super fucking ironic considering that he has yet to nude up for the show (he used a butt-double in Season 3) and pretty much every single one of his female co-stars has.  Granted, Harrington has been supportive of more equitable nudity on Game of Thrones, calling it “only right” but adding that “it would have to be well fucking deserved.”

That is a privilege his female co-stars do not get.

While Harrington has been supportive of the myriad sexualities on display on Game of Thrones from the Bisexual Oberyn Martell to the Gender-Nonconforming Brienne of Tarth (and to an extent, Arya Stark and Loras Tyrell), that support evidently doesn’t extend to his costars who are routinely asked to shed their clothes to appease “the pervert side of the audience.”


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