What will Michael J. Whitman and @HelpThePatsFine Do With Idiot Money from Patriots Fans?

A Patriots fan named Michael J. Whitman set up a GoFundMe page and (presumably) Twitter so that Patriots fans could help their billionaire sports team and owner pay a $1,000,000 fine levied against them for quarterback Tom Brady’s doctoring of footballs.  Yes, seriously.  The fund has raised $14,015 as of the start of this post from 1,007 donations ranging from $5 to $500 (!).  Most of the accompanying comments are exactly as stupid as you’d expect from fans giving charitable contributions to a billionaire entity.


However the fact remains that the page has raised fourteen thousand freaking dollars and will probably raise a thousand or two more before petering out.  That’s a pretty significant amount of money that would go a long way in a lot of places.  Many have suggested that Whitman send the money to Nepal to help in relief efforts for their devastating earthquake and while that’s certainly a worthy cause, my suggestion is to give to organizations that rarely, if ever, see the amount of domestic international money and aid that Nepal is going to see.

Since so many Patriots fans felt that giving money to pay for a billionaire team’s ball deflating fine (again, seriously) was a worthy cause, and yet in the comments juxtaposed Tom Brady and the Patriots’ penalties against those levied on Ray Rice for beating his wife (significantly less) instead of, you know, just giving the money to Domestic Violence Shelters and relief organizations, Whitman should just do that with the money.

My secondary suggestion is that Whitman give the money to organizations that help to combat the plague of LGBT youth homelessness like The Ali Forney Center in New York or Lucie’s Place in Arkansas.

These are hardly the only worthy causes, but they’re a hell of  a lot better than whatever the Patriots are going to do with the money.

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