Some Thoughts on Meninism

Let’s get this out of the way, Meninists are a bunch of whiny babies whose few good points wrongly place blame on women and Feminism (Spoiler: It’s patriarchy’s fault) and are overshadowed by their incessant bleating and their harassment of women.  Male body expectations are grounded in a patriarchy that says strength and power are one and the same.  Men are being disadvantaged in divorce courts and child custody cases because of a patriarchy that has created an impression that men are inherently unfaithful and ill-suited to raise children compared to women.

Ironically the name is Meninism and not Masculinism (although I’m sure that’s used in some places) suggesting at least a vague awareness that divorcing the two concepts, of being a man, and of being masculine, might not be such a bad idea.  That’s where Meninism should be going, not as an answer or a combatant to Feminism, but as a broadening of the definition of what it means to be a man.

You can’t rightly call yourself a Meninist without acknowledging that that includes all men, even the so-called “beta males” and yes, transgender men as well.  And if you think there is some altogether higher purpose in excluding any of these groups, you’re not really a Meninist, you’re just an asshole with an arbitrary agenda.  Congrats.  (The parallels here are pretty obviously Trans-Exclusive Feminism and Sex Worker Exclusive Feminism.)

Of course all this requires an acknowledgement that Meninism is useful, not to promote Men’s Rights, but to combat the existing patriarchal power structures alongside feminists because that benefits men as well.


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  1. Casey Moore

    Hi, my name is Casey Moore and I was wondering if I could get your opinion on the Meninist movement contrasted to Feminism, for the purposes of my senior major work. My work compares the two movements and their values, while also looking at how each culture utlises social media. If you are willing I can email you directly with a document of questions and you can remain anonymous if you wish. Thankyou

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