Men Weigh in on the Katy Perry / Corey Perry Chants and Sexism in Hockey

So the Anaheim Ducks have a player named Corey Perry.  The fans of their playoff opponent, the Winnipeg Jets, decided to chant ‘Katy Perry’ at him because, I don’t know women are bad and stuff and so is Corey Perry? Synonymizing “woman” with “bad” or “weak” is nothing new in sports.  In fact, I’d say it probably makes up a majority of the trash talk in men’s sports.

It’s also super sexist because, well, do I really need to explain how using a gender as a synonym for negative things is shitty? I guess I do because men sure had some opinions on why the Katy Perry chants were not sexist.  The chants were not sexist because:

They were a goof

wysh katy



The NFL has an (arguably) much worse problem with domestic violence than the NHL



Women didn’t leave the game

women didn't leave


No reason, we should just commit violence against those who are offended

violence against the offended


Here’s a good point to make you feel a little better about humanity

good point



okay bro


Women can’t play men’s hockey.  This one is fun because it’s historically and provably inaccurate.

women cant play hockey

Because Katy Perry can’t play hockey [citation needed] and also hi I’m transphobic too!

katy perry can't play hockey

Look another decent person and the deluge of trolls that came to prove them right!

more than a katy perry problem

It’s not sexist because it’s a hockey game.  (Or maybe the point is that sexism should be tolerated in hockey?)

not a church


Single worst take award!

single worst take award


It’s not sexist because of these other things that the article also pointed out are sexist.

sedin sisters


Bonus double sexism!


It’s not sexist because…I’m going to…pretend it’s not sexist?  What?


Bonus mega sexism!

mega sexism

Not sexist because women call other women names.

women call women names

Not sexist because playoff tickets are expensive

paid to be there

Note: maybe not a man?



Let’s just call the writer a girl

cluster of horrible

How does freedom of speech work again?

freedom of speech

From the didn’t get it at all ward…

didnt get it

It’s not sexist because Corey Perry probably didn’t care.

corey perry didn't care


Making me feel bad about my masculinity is way worse than making women feel unwelcome.



Bonus slut shaming!

slut shaming

Trigger: Sexual assault

sexual assault

Why does everything have to be about sexism?! *makes it political*


More transphobia!

more transphobia


They are coming in faster than I can screenshot them and I’m stunned with the number of people that think this is about Corey Perry’s feelings and not about creating an unwelcome atmosphere for women, which as you can see by the comments, Puck Daddy is extremely adept at doing themselves.

“Don’t look at the comments” is akin to saying “I have this huge pile of shit in my living room, and I know it’s a problem and I could try to fix it, but I’m going to pretend it isn’t there instead.”  Puck Daddy ironically, commits the same organizational failure as the Jets in allowing sexism, misogyny, and homophobia to fester in an area they are supposed to be exercising some kind of control over.

In addition to criticizing the Jets for their failures in managing their community, Puck Daddy would do well to look inward.  There are plenty of tools at their disposal for making it a more welcome place, from the very easy: modding the comments (which they probably do on some level already) or axing them entirely, to the more difficult: firing the writer who coined the term “outrage hobbyists” thus justifying the hatred and harassment of those kind of activists.

It is seriously…

Not.  That.  Fucking.  Hard.

With the homophobia that the Islanders allowed to proliferate throughout it’s crowd to the harassment from the Montreal Canadiens’ fans to the Kings not trying a little harder to keep an abusive individual out of their facilities to the Penguins’ partnership with a harassing radio host, it is long past time to take these organizations to task for their history of stepping back and complaining that they cannot possibly be in control of the acts that their fans (and arms of their own organization) commit.

Do you employ communications staff?  Public relations staff?  Community relations staff?  Security?  What the fucking hell are their job descriptions?  You employ people specifically to deal with this stuff.  MAKE THEM DEAL WITH IT.


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  1. Kris

    Who is the harassing penguins radio host? I must’ve missed that story.

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