Write All the Things (Update)

As expected the launching of Title IX Hockey and subsequent coverage has slowed my writing elsewhere.  With the NCAA tournament coming to a close next week and limited news on the NCAA front until August or September things will likely swing back in the other direction.

Despite that, I’ve still been publishing regular University de Sade episodes, just not as frequently.  Episode 11 dropped today and I have written up to 15 in sequence with two extras that will fit into the ‘verse at some point.  (Likely both somewhere in the 50s.)

I also want to write an adaptation to Beauty and the Beast, similar to what I did with Skankarella, but with a transgender main character.  I’m having trouble getting a copy of the Disney movie (stupid vault) so this may take some time.  I haven’t fleshed out too many of the details, but the parallels between transformations should be obvious.


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