Andrews University’s Tacit Assault on LGBT Youth

Andrews University, a Seventh Day Adventist University in Michigan has forbidden an LGBT student group on campus from holding a fundraiser to benefit homeless LGBT youth.

Exactly what Jesus would have done.

John Paul Brammer of Blue Nation review contacted the Dean of Students at Andrews, Steve Yeagley, and received this response:

Andrews University recognizes the special challenges facing LGBT youth and believes that efforts to help them are worthy.

Providing care to LGBT homeless youth is compatible with our institutional mission to demonstrate God’s love to all people, and reflects our denomination’s specific call to exhibit compassion for LGBT persons.

At the same time, Andrews University has declined a student request to officially endorse a fundraising effort to raise money for an organization that may have a perceived LGBT advocacy role.

This decision was made in the context of our student fundraising policy in the Student Handbook, which states that funds may be raised for non-profit organizations “whose mission and practices do not conflict with those of the University.”

So, our objection was not to the worthy goal of serving LGBT homeless youth and their transitional housing needs but to the perceived advocacy stance of the proposed organization.

As a result, we can and will support LGBT homeless youth through organizations whose mission and purpose clearly align with the religious mission and purpose of our university and its sponsoring church. We invite our student clubs to find the appropriate organizations and opportunities to do just that.

So Andrews University doesn’t want to partner with an organization that helps LGBT youth without condemning them for being LGBT (or, you know, the reason homelessness is an epidemic among LGBT youth).  It’s Andrews University’s preference that an organization that ‘helps’ LGBT youth tell them they’re miserable sinning wretches, or pretty much probably exactly what their parents told them when they kicked them onto the streets.

Yeagley’s empathy towards the plight of LGBT youth is so sincere that he declines to name a single organization whose values “clearly align with the religious mission and purpose of our university,” which is particularly galling since he explicitly states that Andrew “can and will support them.”  Well…where the fuck is your support Steve?

Yeagley tries to play semantics “we understand the plight of LGBT youth and want to help them” but in failing to offer any sort of alternative his message is “fuck those kids.  Fuck ’em to hell where they belong.”

Totally what Jesus would have done.




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