New Study Shows Researchers Misinterpret Best With a Mom and a Dad…or something

A new study is making the rounds that, similar to the Regnerus study, is conveniently timed around a pending Supreme Court decision regarding same sex marriage.  Also like the Regnerus study, it’s total bullshit and says absolutely nothing about same sex marriage.  From Think Progress:

“The new study comes from Donald Paul Sullins, a Catholic priest (fail) and sociology professor (pass) at Catholic University of America  (never mind, fail). Sullins is a fellow of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute (fail), a project of the anti-LGBT Family Research Council (fail), and a Fourth Degree member of the Knights of Columbus (holy shit, fail).”

Like most studies of this nature, the Sullins “study” compares children reared in stable homes of married opposite sex parents to those raised in broken homes where the same sex group for comparison is mostly loosely defined as kids and two same sex adults near each other.  Sullins even actually admits that he compares incomparable things:

“Almost all opposite-sex parents who are raising joint biological offspring are in intact marriages, but very few, if any, same-sex parents were married during the period under observation.” The same-sex couples were instead defined as “those persons whose reported spouse or cohabiting partner was of the same sex as themselves.”

In fact, Mark Regnerus has even more explicitly admitted that the only way to make children raised in same sex households appear worse than their straight-raised counterparts is to fail to account for the sort of instability brought on by same sex marriage being illegal in several states, by diminished financial benefits, and by homophobia.  No, seriously, he said almost exactly that:

“Regnerus notes that another analysis of the same NHIS data found “that children in same-sex families are quite similar to children in married couple families,” but he argues that what matters is “how scholars present and interpret the data.” He proceeds to admit that one of the ways to make children “appear to fare fine (if not better)” with same-sex parents is to control for factors like relationship instability and residential instability.”

Regnerus and Sullins are actually their own worse enemies because the case they essentially make is that children of same sex parents are worse off because people like Mar Regnerus and Donald Sullins work to make them worse off.



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