Things. Things everywhere. (New and Current Projects)

Whew.  So my sister visited a week ago which is why the next episode of Pages from the University de Sade has been a little delayed.  I’ve also started a site devoted to NCAA Division I Women’s Hockey coverage called Title IX Hockey, so that’s another thing drawing my time.  But…uh…yeah, let’s get into some of the details:

Pages from the University de Sade

I have written through Episode 12 and most of 13 in addition to working on another episode that will come later in the series that I just wanted to get the ideas down for.  (Also explains the delay.)  Suffice it to say there is no shortage of content to be posted for Pages regardless of how bad / lazy / slow an editor I might be.

Upcoming episodes of Pages will continue to follow the Kenzi and Ellie story arcs while digging deeper into the lives of Ash and Salihah and Dylan and Kari, as well as creating something that will bring the characters together in a way that I think will produce a lot of interesting story-lines in the future.

I may also be looking for someone that wants to contribute character sketches pro-bono so if that’s your thing, leave a comment or get at me on Twitter.

Title IX Hockey

In the past few weeks I’ve accumulated a ton of data for NCAA Women’s Hockey with no real good place to put it except for filling up my Sabres blog Black and Blue and Gold.  I think I’ve enough data and enough interest to maintain a standalone site, so here we are.  I will focus on statistical analysis and op-ed pieces, things that are lacking for Women’s hockey, as well as promoting access and highlighting the teams that stream home games for free.  The goal is to help Women’s hockey become something bigger than it was when I started.  I also have @TitleIXHockey.

Other Writing

I’ve kind of been wanting to do some writing outside of Pages, probably a short story, though I do have an idea I think is big enough for another novel as well as one finished un-edited novel that I may or may not ever publish.

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