University de Sade Patreon and the Indie Writer’s Dilemma

So I set up a Patreon for Pages from the University de Sade so that I can (hopefully) garner monetary support from one more avenue (or you can buy the episodes outright through the links on the UDS’s page).  It seems to be well suited for something like Pages that is regular content that shares a common theme.  My writing is too broad and too varied to really be able to package as one thing which is why I’ve favored the self-publishing route I currently use.

I like to offer a free version of my work for those who don’t want to or those who can’t pay (mostly the latter), and I generally believe that if people like it enough, they’ll buy it.  Unfortunately Kindle’s price-matching often uses this desire to screw writers out of money that their readers want to pay them.  I think most Indie writers face this dilemma of being aware of the culture of YAY FREE STUFF of the internet while at the same time wanting to make some money doing what they love.

To compound matters many Indie writers feel that their independence de-legitimizes them to the point of not being able to charge for their work in good conscience when really all publishers are is a placebo of legitimacy.  I come back to this a lot, but if publishers and agents can’t be trusted to not reject some of the greatest works of all time, why should we trust them on anything?  Especially over an independent creator that is probably several orders of magnitude more invested in their work.

My confidence comes from picking up random books at the bookstore and realizing that I’m at least on par with, if not better than most of the writers which is useful for me, but frames writing as a zero sum game.  It’s not.  There will always be a desire for good writing.


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