A Ranking of My Own Work for the Purpose of Blatant Self-Promotion: Short Stories

I’ve published the following short stories:

  • A Conversation with Lucifer
  • Feministed
  • Haven
  • Hobo
  • Kasey’s Song
  • Lies that Young Minds Tell
  • Mount Marcy
  • The New Dog
  • Oak
  • Perception
  • Promise Ring
  • Rescue Dog
  • Shenandoah
  • Soulmate
  • Studying
  • The Suicide Notes
  • Transitions
  • Wings

Along with the Pages from the University de Sade series which I will not be ranking.  If you click the base menus (not the drop-downs) at the top of the page, you’ll find them all nicely listed with short synopses.  And this will be less an acknowledgement of quality and more just a list of my favorites because I do not love all my children equally and no one ever does.

T-16: Rescue Dog / The New Dog / Hobo

I love my dogs and cats, and these are amusing to write, but they’re more money grabs than anything.

Step 1: Write Dog/Cat Story

Step 2: Put Dog/Cat on Cover

Step 3: Profit

Rescue Dog is my best selling work.  By a lot.  Seriously, it’s ridiculous.  (You should buy it.)

15: Soulmate

I wrote this in college in my hopeless romantic phase.  It sets some nice scenes and I think does well to capture the irrationality of an adolescent interpretation of love, but it ultimately goes nowhere.  I mean, it’s awesome.  You should buy it right now.

14: The Suicide Notes

Another one of my early works, and like Soulmate, very irrational and unrealistic.

13: Transitions

I love Transitions, it’s bleak, but necessary.  Sometimes reality is inescapably ugly.

12: Studying

Studying is great, detailing a Female Domme, Male sub relationship, something sorely lacking in BDSM fiction.  It’s a precursor to Pages from the University de Sade which was borne out of the desire to write something more representative of the diversity of the BDSM community.

11: Perception

I wrote Perception more from a filmography standpoint, which is why it’s heavy on transitions and lighter on dialogue than any of my other work.

10: A Conversation with Lucifer

So you’re telling me the devil punishes the wicked?  Doesn’t seem like that bad of a guy.  Or girl.

T-8: Mount Marcy / Shenandoah

I’m a sucker for hideaway stories, stories that feature two characters that, for whatever reason seek an escape form something and find it in each other.  Mount Marcy is a light and fun while with Shenandoah I wanted to push the envelope a bit by featuring two young teens having sex, because that’s something that happens and society needs to deal with it instead of pretending it doesn’t.

7: Oak

I had never written horror before and I liked the concept of this massive cemetery tree whose roots rip corpses from the ground.

6: Wings

I like the concept of there being this hidden world that most aren’t aware of.  That’s probably true, but not in the way young writers think.

5: Kasey’s Song

One of the few stories of mine that contains quite a lot of fact and personal experiences.

4: Lies that Young Minds Tell

Nothing shows my evolution from stories like Soulmate and Perception like Lies, which studies the massive gap in young love between the perception of a crush and the reality of who that person is.  That’s not always damning.

3: Haven

The characters in Haven, Yvette and Persephone, are based on several people I’ve known.  I wanted to explore the fluidity of religious communities that can be both more, and less accepting than people think.

2: Feministed

Feministed is really good.  Moreover it’s important, not as important as the women that share real life stories and experiences, or as important as women who write on the subject, but important.  I wanted to put forth that being a feminist isn’t necessarily about being a strong woman (however “strong” gets defined) it’s about being a woman who believes that women should have choices and that feminism and choosing to be submissive, or a housewife, or whatever aren’t contradictory.

1: Promise Ring

I wrote Promise Ring in college, and it’s still probably my best short work.  The female lead is a little Manic Pixie Dream Girl and I may rewrite it one day to explore her story in greater detail, or perhaps write a sequel that does so (note to self: this is a really good idea), but more than anything I like the message of hope in fiction.


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