Sagging Under the Weight of Hypocrisy

I was driving to work this morning pondering the glut of “love the sinner, hate the sin” rhetoric coming from the anti-LGBT, anti-sex lobby that more or less condones homosexual “thoughts and feelings” so long as they’re not acted upon and it struck me that religious conservatives often fail to apply the same logic to themselves in their arguments for “religious liberty.”

For those that don’t know, the “religious liberty” argument is that non-discrimination laws that protect on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity infringe upon religious liberty because they don’t allow business owners to wantonly discriminate against gay people, to which the response by a more welcoming public has essentially been, “no, fuck off.”

I’m here to provide some solace to the anti-LGBT Christian community.  First of all, I love you.  This is coming from a place of warmth and compassion.  Discriminatory thoughts and feelings are understandable, but you shouldn’t act on them.  You should strive for a life of celibigotry.

Glad we got that cleared up.

Rewind a bit to this past weekend to when I read this anti-porn manifesto because I hate myself.  It features “research” by Judith Reisman, who believes that homosexuality is caused in part by “erototoxins” released in the brain during the viewing of pornography and that a “homosexual movement” in Germany gave rise to the Nazi party.  I didn’t make either of those up.  Not only is there an actual human that believes these things, but they’re being used as a source of research.

But what really caught my eye was this line.

“Unfortunately many government officials and Internet industry executives have turned a blind eye to the problem [pornography], passing the buck to parents, who are usually uninformed, overwhelmed, or ill-equipped to protect their children and families from the onslaught”

Gee, I wonder if there are any other arenas where data (real data) suggests that parents are uninformed, overwhelmed, ill-equipped, or just plain doing a shitty job?

Well, fuck.

Well, fuck.

A large cause of the declining youth participation in churches is anti-LGBT attitudes, but I wonder if hypocritical bullshit like this that isn’t within a mile of passing the sniff test is right next to it, maybe the most bald-faced of which was the virulently anti-LGBT National Organization for Marriage boycotting Starbucks for pro LGBT sentiments while at the exact same time criticizing LGBT boycotts of Chic-fil-A for founder and CEO Dan Cathy’s statements against LGBT individuals.

It’s almost like there is a distinct lack of long term thinking among the crazy folks.  People who think the rapture is imminent have trouble seeing beyond their own noses?  Weird, right?  That’s what religion, and to a much greater extent the religious right movement has become though, a series of fundraising opportunities.  They don’t care about their hypocrisy because each instance of fear mongering is a cash grab that exists only in a vacuum with no ties or possible ties to anything else.  Provoke fear, collect dollars, repeat.  Meanwhile the dollar givers decline and decline and decline.

Good Riddance.


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