In Which I Give Time to a Craig Schaller Column Because I Am Bored

If you don’t know, Craig Schaller is a former Rochester, NY who was fired for making racially charged comments about the number of Asians in Women’s Golf.  Seriously.  As one would expect from this particular brand of white privilege, his columns are almost always entertaining.  Here is one.


I read a story today that incenses me.  That is nothing unusual.    Many, many things about this world that I live in currently insense me, but this is particular made my blood boil.

Go on…

The story has to do with Robert Griffin III, and a post game interview after his game yesterday.  Griffin, of course, got hurt yesterday in his game, dislocating his ankle, which will keep him out of action for 4-6 weeks.

It was after this game, that Griffin was heading to a press conference to discuss his injury and the team’s performance.  He happened to be wearing a t-shirt that said “Know Jesus, know peace” on the front of it.  As he was heading to the presser, NFL uniform police inspector Tony McGee told Griffin that he couldn’t wear the shirt “because it wasn’t a Nike product”, according to a reporter from the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Yep, that sounds like par for the course NFL dumb-ness.

Griffin was still allowed to wear it though, but he had to turn it inside out.  This seems like bull to me.  If he couldn’t wear it, then he shouldn’t have been allowed to wear it.  Making him turn it inside out certainly makes it look like something else to me.  It makes it look like the NFL is discriminating against religious messages.

Wait, what?  Turning a shirt inside out is anti-Christian because it’s somehow worse than being told to remove it completely?  What the what?

Unless the brand name was clearly marked aside the message on the front, it doesn’t make any sense to me why RG3 wouldn’t have been allowed to wear it.  If censure is the main purpose of that conversation, that is wrong, and it shows one of the things that is totally wrong with this country.

Agreed, it shows how consumerism has run amok, particularly in the NFL which whores itself out to its sponsors willy nilly.  Grab the torches Craig, I got the pitchforks, we gonna march on NYC!

It shows how the liberals are winning.


What if Griffin wanted to go to that press conference weating a shirt that said “Jihad rules!”?

I’ll tell you what would happen.  No one would say anything, and he would be allowed to wear THAT shirt.  Why?  Because the NFL would never want to offend pro-Muslim groups.  It’s the way it goes in our society nowadays.

Oh yeah?  Like the Mosque in NYC that people threw fits over?  Or the one that’ was protested in Murfeesboro, TN?  Or the one that was being protested in Temecula, CA?  Or the one that was being protested in Sheboygan, WI.  Yeah, society is totally pro-Muslim right now.

It sickens me that putting down Christianity is en vogue in the US.  It’s ok for networks to cut away from an interview from a player when he starts praising God, Jesus, or his faith, but by all means, don’t stop anyone when they say anything about Allah.  Wouldn’t want to offend those folks, but if someone is Christian, and proud of it–go to the next shot.

And this happened…when?

It’s one of the main explanations why Tim Tebow is not in the league anymore.  It’s why so many people are reviled by Tebow, and yet, so loved by others.

Right.  And not that he sucked major donkey balls, that no one projected him as a viable NFL QB, ever, and that he stubbornly refused to attempt to transition to tight end like the good humble Christian he is.  Right?  Right.

The liberal left has created a double standard in this country that is becoming so pervasive, yet no one is saying anything about it.  They can’t, or they fear the reprisals.

They cover up any reference to God on buildings behind politicians who are making speeches in front of those buildings, but any group who wants to pray to Mecca is allowed to do so anywhere they want, even if it invonveniences others.

Praying to Mecca on your own.  State sanctioned support of one religion.  THESE ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS YOU DIPSHIT!  It’s like the dumbasses that think that kids can’t pray in schools.  Kids can totally pray in schools, schools just aren’t allowed to support one religion through enforced prayer.

​They are trying to get God written out of all government documents and the Pledge of Allegiance.  Schools make children who are wearing religious shirts to school, go back home and take them off, but any child who wants to wear a burqa to school is allowed to do so without anyone batting an eye.

Speaking of said dumbasses…  I’m surprised this didn’t turn into a Michael Sam rant.  “Durr, ya can’t be Christian in skool, but ya can be a fucking fag durr oppression durr.”

Religious freedom is one thing.  The US Bill of Rights allows for freedom of religion for anyone in this country.  Oppression of religion is another, and that is what has been happening more and more in this country.

Not letting RGIII wear a Jesus shirt because of asinine rules regarding official sponsors is totally oppression.  In Craig’s world, “oppression” means not being allowed to segregate Women’s Golf.

And that pisses me off.

I am admittedly not the most religious person in the country.  By far.  I am by no means a bible thumper.  I am a Christian though, and I am proud of, and stand by my beliefs.  It totally ticks me off when someone else who is a Christian and wants to testify to THEIR beliefs, get told that they can’t.

If you were a Christian you wouldn’t essentially lying about RGIII’s Jesus shirt being a religious thing instead of a dumb sponsor thing.  That or you are actually dumb enough to believe your own garbage.  Coin flip.

Robert Griffin III wanted to wear a religious themed shirt in a press conference.  What would really be wrong with that?  Why would that be hurting anyone?  With all the domestic violence, child abuse, drug use, assaults and murder going on with NFL players lately, why would outlawing a player wearing a religious shirt be the best choice?

I actually agree, but again, it’s a stupid rule about sponsors, it’s not Jesus hate.


The double standard doesn’t stop at just religion of course.  Racism has a major double standard that no one has a problem with.  A black person can call another black person the N word all day long, but there is no problem there.  A white person ever utering that word even once in their lives, and their entire life is ruined (Paula Dean).  Charles Barkley can say all he wants about a white player being slow and not being able to jump, but if a white person ever says anything about black people being bred to be better athletes (Jimmy the Greek, Al Campanis), their lives are ruined.

Paula Deen said she wanted black wait staff working a wedding dressed like plantation slaves.  It was never just about the n-word.  Again, not sure if dishonesty or stupidity.  And while the Jimmy Snyder comments were more stupidity than outright racism, Al Campanis, it’s worth noting, was criticized (not fired) for insinuating that blacks lacked the mental capacity for certain managerial positions in baseball.

Let me restate that.  Craig Schaller thinks it a national tragedy that a guy caught flak for implying that black individuals are too dumb to be general managers or field managers in baseball.

We will never be able to move forward in this country until there is equality as to what is accepted and what is not.  You can’t have freedom of expression for some, but repression of expression for others.

It’s just not right, and it’s just not fair.

Wahhhhh.  What I got out of that is that Craig Schaller is pissed that the Christian domination of America is disappearing and also that he can’t be an unrepentant cock to racial minorities.  Or, you know, the exact reason he was fired.


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