Pages from the University de Sade – Episode 1: Ellie’s Journey

Pages from the University de Sade has finally gone live with its first episode which can be found here.  The first episode is 100% free at the Pages website, but there are also e-Reader links if you feel the desire to purchase it.  (Note: The Kindle link will be delayed about a day.)

From here on out, every 6th episode will be posted for free on the Pages site.  In addition to being included as they become relevant, all maps and drawings will be accessible on the Pages site in the menus at the top of the page.  You can already see floor plans for Headmistress Arrington’s apartment, and Acworth Hall, the University’s student center.

Episode 1 begins with young Ellie Jensen, her escape from her abusive home life and her travels to the University to become a student. Ellie must combat her inexperience and her nerves as she seeks to define a part of herself she’d kept tucked away for so long and she must discover, what exactly, BDSM means to her.

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