Dumb Liberals Exist

Dumb Liberals


You should care, at least if you’re any kind of liberal or progressive.

24, gay, married. GNC cis man. Liberal. Survivor. LGBT rights, anti-racism, anti-rape culture, pro-choice, pro-2A, pro-ACA, graphic design, cartooning, tattoos.

Right then.  Last I checked prison rape was still rape.  But beside that point, there are scores of individuals in prison that are in on trumped up charges, if not flat out innocent, so yes, when you recognize the flaws in the system, the safety of the imprisoned is pretty goddamn important.

But I know, I know, in this guy’s perfect world, everyone in the slammer deserves to be there.  They’re not a “child rapist” because, at the age of 17, they had consensual sex with their 15 year old partner which is second-degree rape in Alabama and punishable by two to twenty years in prison.  (How many black kids do you think have been screwed by that one?)  In this guy’s mind everyone in there did something forcible and gross.

But even that’s not a justification for prison violence, especially if you’re a staunch opponent of rape culture.  Part of what makes this America (and part of what makes civilized countries civilized) is that everyone has rights.  Even the prisoners.



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  1. Yeah, to not care about one group of prisoners is to not care about anyone who is imprisoned, even those falsely charged. That is a messed up mentality.

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