Writing Update: Pages from the University de Sade

Pages from the University de Sade is exploding, although I’m not super close to publishing anything yet.  I have two episodes and change and some 15,000 words written.  I have a OneNote document that is thirty plus tabs deep including around a dozen character outlines and plans for another dozen University Buildings.

The home for all things University de Sade is going to be here.  Right now it’s just an About Section and a floorplan of Headmistress Arrington’s Apartment, but it will come to feature links to all published works along with free extras such as maps, character descriptions, and short stories that I do not feel the need to publish for pay.  It may also feature the first few episodes in their entirety for free.

I have many goals in writing this series, but foremost among has to be to succeed where contemporary BDSM fiction has largely failed, that is presenting a universe where:

  • BDSM interactions are healthy and realistic
  • BDSM isn’t largely a rich person’s interest
  • Straight white male Doms are not the prevalent class
  • Straight, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual, Queer, and Trans practitioners are adequately represented.
  • Non-white practitioners are adequately represented.

The story begins with a white female protagonist, Ellie Jensen (because I’m white myself and I wanted to start in familiar territory), but I hope that it will grow to have no real dominating character or character arc.  Certainly I’ve laid the groundwork for this to be the case.

click to enlarge

Be sure to check the the official Pages from the University de Sade site frequently for updates and more details.




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