Writing Update

I’ve been working on a story that I’ve only just now decided to call Humanity’s Ascent for a few months now.  It’s about a man who, starting in childhood, slowly becomes omnipotent.  It is, in a lot of ways, a superhero story.  Comics tend to split powerful humans (or aliens) into one of two groups, hero or villain, but I think if the average person acquired super powers, they would be neither.  Most people aren’t prone to great altruism or great destruction, they mean well, but they’re flawed, selfish, short-sighted.

I have a short story that I’ve written called Telluride that’s more or less about the oppressiveness of growing up in a small town where escapes are rare.  It’s very Catcher in the Rye-y and also not very long so it should be up pretty quick.

The biggest news is that I will be giving an open world BDSM-themed series another shot.  I’ve wanted to do something like this ever since I first found Tales of MU by Alexandra Erin which straddles elements of erotica with classic fantasy themes like mystical creatures and magic.  I’m a big fan of stories or series that tend to avoid a single plot in favor of developing various aspects of a different universe.  I want to create something that isn’t just a story, but something that a reader can go to and live in.  And I also want something that’s guaranteed work when I don’t feel like going through the rigors of a more involved project.

I had tried a series called Freedom of Restraint before, but I don’t think I had the backdrop quite right and I think I tried to throw too much into it without having enough planned out.

I’ve long had a fondness for doing BDSM-themed work (or scenes) because I don’t think it’s done well in fiction and I want to be that first author that has commercial success “getting it right.”  Works like the Story of O and the Chronicles of Gor and 50 Shades of Grey are great fantasy pieces, but they’re problematic for BDSM because there is such a difference between fantasy and reality.  I want something that, while idealized and somewhat fantastical, is also relatable, or at least has BDSM relationships that closely mirror real life.  There is also an abundance of straight, white, Male Dom, female sub BDSM fiction that I want to get away from, at least in part.  Variety is another advantage of this sort of structure.

I’m still working on the details, and likely will be doing so for some time, but here are some of the basics:

Setting: I’m fond of the boarding school/college type atmosphere, both because it provides a vast pool of potential characters, and because it makes things youth-focused.  With a well-sized school and a fairly large town there are quite a lot of options.

I don’t know where exactly this location is going to be, or even if that will be explicitly stated, but it’ll be somewhere that has four defined seasons.  Time period is probably going to be modern, but I don’t think technology is going to play a large part.  Certainly there are many thing about BDSM that are “old school.”

Universe Rules: BDSM is going to be intertwined with the school’s rules and the town’s laws.  It won’t be like Harry Potter’s fictional universe, where it’s all (magic) BDSM and nothing else, but it will be an inescapable element.  I think it will be mandatory for incoming freshman to submit for one year with the school pairing Doms and subs like colleges pair roommates.  As a Dom, I think having first hand experience with subbing is invaluable and a good lesson for a BDSM school to put forward.  After each year, much like college roommates, students can choose to keep or dissolve their relationships as they see fit.

This will provide some interesting sources of conflict; Doms who don’t want to submit, badly matched pairs, age differences, Dominant students learning from submissive professors, and probably several more that I’ll discover when writing.  The town, along with the school’s professors, will also allow some foray into the BDSM relationships of older couples.

Ages: It’s going to be like most colleges, predominantly 18+ with a few younger students that have skipped grades and have graduated out of their previous education.  I recognize the taboo nature of a story that involves 16 year olds fucking and my response is that I don’t really give a shit.  Sixteen year olds fucking is a thing that happens; I’m not going to pretend it doesn’t, and those people need role models too.  You can’t put a number to sexual and emotional maturity.  However my school is going to mandate that all minors undergo and pass some sort of psychological testing to ensure that they possess the requisite maturity.  Middle ground reached.

I’d like to aim between 5,000 and 10,000 words for each episode, but I’ll probably break that in short order.  Another advantage to releasing a large piece as a series of shorts is that the content stream can be fairly regular and swift.

As the universe is built and the setting becomes more defined and more complex, i’ll probably create maps and floorplans, also something I enjoy doing and something I think greatly adds to any large scale story.


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