The Michael Sam Blitz

On Saturday, Missouri’s Michael Sam was drafted by the NFL’s St. Louis Rams.  He becomes the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL.  Unsurprisingly, the media has been all over the story, from extensive coverage when Sam came out in February to having cameras at his house to capture the moment when (if) he was finally drafted, which came late in the draft’s final day.

Also unsurprisingly the bigots have been out in full force.  However I’m not really interested in those that think him disgusting, perverted, a sin against god, blah blah blah.  Those people are as stupid as they are obvious.  I am interested in those that think Michael Sam’s homosexuality is being “forced down their throats.”  (Side note: Terminology LOL.)

Some of them belong to the former group, yes, but a lot of them are otherwise well meaning people.  If not allies, they certainly are at least not enemies.  And yes, there’s no way around it, Michael Sam has gotten a lot of attention.

But Michael Sam is one man, not even in one NFL season, who’s been on our radar as a gay man for a little over three months.  Stacked up against every single player in NFL history being presented as straight (and no, not all of them actually were) during their careers, Michael Sam’s orientation is a tiny, tiny blip on the media radar.


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