An Open Letter to the RIT Administration

RIT Administrators,

I recently learned that the administration at  RIT along with the Reporter’s Advisory Board has elected to target and silence RIT’s Trans community by preventing the full distribution of the Gender and Sexuality Issue of the Reporter at Imagine RIT.

As a past attendee of Imagine RIT, and as the partner of a Transgender RIT alumnus, I am appalled that the administration has elected to attack the Trans community, the LGBTQ* community, and sex-positive individuals in general by censoring the Gender and Sexuality Issue.

In case the administration has forgotten: Transgender individuals are real people that exist in the world and no amount of censorship can prevent that fact from being exactly what it is, a fact, and furthermore from being one that makes its way to the minds of minors.

Additionally, sexuality is a part of almost everyone’s life, whether they’re 18 years old or not, and in limiting the distribution of such an issue, the administration is giving tacit approval to things that a lack of information and that misinformation produce, among them the prevalence of sexual assaults, slut-shaming, rape culture, teenage pregnancy, and the spread of HIV and other STDs.  In its actions the administration has sought to make the RIT community less informed, less progressive, and less of a community by targeting specific members of that community.

I would remind (or inform) the RIT administration that transgender individuals are not protected by law from employment discrimination in New York State.  Why is the RIT administration adding to that discrimination by billing them as “obscene” and only suitable for people over the age of eighteen?

The RIT administration is failing the students and failing the school itself by targeting members of the student body and failing my partner in particular by making RIT a less inclusive, less welcoming place.


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