Opposing Net Neutrality is a Declaration of War

Allowing rich asshole corporations to pay internet providers for preference via faster streaming and download and upload speeds is an attack, first and foremost, on individual and independent producers of content, but in a broader sense, an attack on every individual internet user that wants to be able to make their own decisions.

It is the antithesis of capitalism, the antithesis of meritocracy, it allows the super rich to buy users whether their content is deserving or not.  It allows independent content creators, be they writers, artists, podcast hosts, or anything else to be squashed while corporations expand their influence.  It is a deathblow to innovation and creativity.  It is, in a sense, a subtle razing of free speech.

Those that work to destroy net neutrality should be treated as enemy combatants, their web infrastructure treated as enemy territory for net neutrality supporters to burn to the ground and dance on the ashes.  Big business cannot be allowed to further marginalize the already marginalized.  Quality should buy success, not money.  Producers should be rewarded because they made something worth watching, not because it has a NetFlix logo on it.

Stream, pirate, torrent, download, and continue to subvert the interests of big business.  Support your indie artists.  Hold companies and politicians accountable.  The internet belongs to internet users.  No one else.

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