The Correct Answer to ‘What Will ______ Get Out Of Fairness Laws’

It’s pretty much the standard knee jerk response for assholes every time any sort of fairness legislation comes about.  Fair pay for women?  What about men?  LGBT anti-discrimination protections?  What about the heteros?  Ironically, Tennessee Republican Senator, and someone’s village idiot,  Lamar Alexander provides a partial answer to these questions:

“This law is not just about women – it’s about men and women.”

He’s right, but not in the way he thinks.  Alexander thinks that ‘not being dickheads’ is not enough of an incentive for men to not be dickheads.  Fantastic.  But the real answer to how these laws are beneficial to both sides is that not every majority is a majority everywhere.  You cannot have a pay inequity on the basis of gender.  You cannot fire someone on the basis of sexual orientation.  Those laws protect men and heteros as much as they protect women and LGBT as it’s entirely possible (especially for men) that groups that are in the majority nationally might find themselves in the minority in specific cases.  (I don’t have the demographics on hand, but from what I’ve seen, I’m a white minority in the building in which I work.)  Why this is such a difficult answer for advocacy groups to give (as it’s one that’s preposterously easy to understand, even in real world applications), is beyond me.


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  1. Important point to make. It also seems an obvious point. So, why isn’t it used by fairness advocates?

    The demographic angle interests me greatly.

    Fairly soon, minorities will combined be the new majority, which actually has already happened with the youngest generation. Whites might want to treat minorities better knowing that in their lifetime they will become yet another minority.

    There are also parts of the country where the primary language spoken isn’t English. This has been the case for centuries, since these areas were originally a part of Mexico and before that part of the Spanish Empire. The local majority has always been Hispanic.

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