The Native Language in the Coke Commercial Isn’t English

If you didn’t watch the Super Bowl, you missed a Coca-Cola ad which featured ‘America the Beautiful’ sung in seven different languages.  Predictably (sadly), this set off every conservative xenophobe in America and they took to Twitter and Facebook with their Anglo-centric linguistic sensibilities.  English, after all, is the language of the United States so you should speak it or get the fuck out.

Except it isn’t.

English is itself a foreign language, lest we forget.  Of the languages in the ad, those being English, Spanish, Tagalog, Hebrew, Hindi, Keres, and Senegalese-French, the “native” language is actually Keres which is spoken by the Keres Pueblo people in New Mexico.  Furthermore, the United States also controls territories like American Samoa (official languages English and Samoan), Guam (English, Chamorro), the Northern Mariana Islands (English, Chamorro, Carolinian), and Puerto Rico (Spanish, English) so there is hardly an English monopoly on the United States.

What’s especially amusing is the Breitbart response (via Michael Patrick Leahy) who called America the Beautiful a “deeply Christian patriotic anthem whose theme is unity” partially because the quote seems to work counter to his point that the ad was offensive and partially because the song (formerly a poem) bears little relation to Christianity beyond containing the word “God” and being set to hymnal music.  Which is why intelligent people think that Breitbart no more resembles credible journalism than a literal pile of shit.  Back to cherry-picking founding father and bible quotes for their bitch-slapping of the second commandment for them I guess.

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  1. This is such a great take on the commercial! Thank you for making the point about the native language!!

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