The 5 Types of Bigots

The Easy Bigot

Ahh the Easy Bigot, they wear their bigotry on their sleeve and are proud of it.  They think gays are gross, blacks are lazy and dumb, and hispanics are greasy.  Of course they won’t say any of those words, they’ll use faggots, niggers, and spics.  The easy bigot is nice because their bigotry is easy to identify.  (Duh.)  It’s right there, and everyone except for other Easy Bigots recognize their behavior as universally reprehensible.  Not so for the other bigots on this list.

Real Life Example: Your average sports fan on Twitter every time a minority has success against their team.

The Bigot Apologist

The Bigot Apologist isn’t a bigot per se, they just seem to have a habit of siding with bigots.  Every time someone drops a statement demeaning gays or blacks?  Oh, they just grew up in a different era, like Paula Deen wanting a wedding reminiscent of the slave-era south.  Or they’re just exercising their religious beliefs, like Phil Robertson calling LGBT individuals gross and comparing them to bestializers and pedophiles.  The Bigot Apologist often has a poor definition of bigotry, not recognizing it unless there are slurs or white hoods involved.

Real Life Examples: Conservatives that have no real idea why they vote conservative.  Celebrity fanboys and girls.

The Euphemism Bigot

The euphemism bigot is a crafty version of The Easy Bigot.  They use terms like “sexual deviants” when they really just mean LGBT people.  They talk about the “sanctity of marriage” without referring to divorce.  They talk about “welfare queens,” the “poor,” “urban” people, and the “47%” when by and large they’re really just talking about minorities (mostly Blacks, occasionally Latinos).

Real Life Example: The Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, the National Organization for Marriage, most Conservative politicians, virtually everyone on this list

The Fence Riding Bigot

This bigot wants to have one of their feet in each field.  They don’t think all blacks are lazy, just some blacks.  I mean, stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason, right?  They don’t hate gays, but wonder why they have to be so faggy.  Most likely to say, “but I have black friends!”

Real Life Examples: Alec Baldwin, Mitt Romney, Dana Loesch

The Systemic Bigot

The Systemic Bigot isn’t a bigot per se, they just have a habit of supporting institutions (read: all of them) that by their nature favor majority classes.  The Systemic Bigot is most likely to use phrases like “what about white history month” without realizing that white history exists absent of a period of time where they weren’t equal that is so recent, MY PARENTS STILL REMEMBER IT.  They ask where their “straight pride” parades are without realizing that straight pride is getting to go about your day to day life with most assumptions regarding your sexuality being correct and having little to no fear of being the victim of violence solely because of your sexual orientation.  (And not fearing getting fired just because you’re straight.)

The Systemic Bigot usually thinks that men are simply better at stuff, and that massive gender inequities in various arenas are simply a product of that and not a bigoted system that has yet to catch up.  There are few women in sports broadcasting because they haven’t played those sports, not because most booths are still old boys clubs.  They get paid less because they’re less skilled, or because they’re more complacent, or because they’re not as good at negotiating.  (Of course, it’s the responsibility of the women to negotiate, not the responsibility of the employer to offer a fair salary.)

The Systemic Bigot is the worst of them all because they think racism, misogyny, and homophobia are largely solved even though minorities are stopped and arrested at disproportionate amounts, that women still aren’t paid equal to their male counterparts and occupy far fewer leadership positions, and that violence against LGBT individuals is the fastest growing category on the FBI’s hate crimes lists even though some of the worst states for LGBT individuals don’t report hate crimes.  (And you know, you can be fired just for being LGBT in 33 (pending Virginia) states.)

Real Life Examples: Men’s Rights “Activists”, A lot of otherwise really decent people.


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