Utah GOP Brings the best Anti-Gay Arguments By Far

The Supreme Court has issued a stay in Utah’s allowance of same-sex couples to marry pending the results of the appeal made by state officials.  This means that for the moment, same-sex couples can no longer get married in the state of Utah.  Said state officials are bringing the usual trash to their arguments, among them that Marriage Equality is unnatural, and the new favorite talking point, that LGBT individuals make worse parents with references to the debunked Mark Regnerus study.  But the Utah bigots have gone above and beyond the normal opposition to Marriage Equality and brought two arguments to the table that are especially amazing.

Same-sex couples need to be denied the freedom to marry in the name of diversity.  Seriously:

“The State does not contend that the individual parents in same-sex couples are somehow “inferior” as parents to the individual parents who are involved in married, mother-father parenting.  (Author’s note: That you’re citing the Regnerus study means you’re doing exactly that.) The point, rather, is that thecombination of male and female parents is likely to draw from the strengths of both genders in ways that cannot occur with any combination of two men or two women, and that this gendered, mother-father parenting model provides important benefits to children.”

While that seems beyond belief, they went even further.  Same-sex couples need to be denied the freedom to marry now to avoid the heartbreak that will come when they are denied the freedom to marry later.  Again, seriously:

“Same-sex couples may be irreperably harmed in their dignitary and financial interests if their marital status is retroactively voided.”

Every time I think Conservative America has reached a new low, they just pick up their shovels and keep digging.

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