Johnny Weir’s Eternal Uselessness

I can’t wait for Johnny Weir’s selfish tacit endorsement of assaults on his own people, or as it’s popularly called, “The Sochi Olympics.”  In cased you missed it, Russia has a law on the books that makes “gay propaganda” illegal or in terms of how it’s practically been enforced, a law that allows its law enforcement to support and join in on brutal assaults against LGBT Russians.  In being hired by NBC, the network covering the Olympics, Johnny Weir has proven himself to be:

A moron:

Weir, who is openly gay, offhandedly characterized the laws as “no anal sex in front of libraries,” according to Gay City News.

An entitled, selfish, clueless moron who’s had the safety of being a celebrity with an omnipresent camera crew:

“I’ve never had a bad experience in Russia, not gotten called a fag or beat up,” said Weir, whose husband is of Russian descent.

Selfish in general:

“I only see the rosy, golden side [of Russia]. I choose to see Russia in an arrogant, selfish way. I didn’t know what to think about the new law.”

Completely unapologetically moronic to the point of not understanding how peaceful protests work:

He then referred to the activist protestors as “idiots like the ones outside tonight, dumping vodka in the streets.”

Lacking any semblance of perspective or empathy for those that haven’t had as privileged a life as he:

He said he felt threatened by being protested in person and was on edge from dealing with “an unsafe fan situation.”  Editor’s Note: HOLY SHIT, your fellow LGBT individuals and your husband’s countrymen are getting assaulted by the very people sworn to protect them and you talk about how uncomfortable you are being peacefully protested.  That’s the sort perspective-less thought usually only seen in the chambers of Congress.

Offering an insincere apology that he didn’t understand:

“I realized that there is no excuse to hurl insults at those who oppose you, or those who think differently than you and as a believer in free will and free speech, I allowed my own fear and emotion to get the better of me and for a moment I became a hypocrite.”

Johnny Weir has made a firm commitment to be about as useful to the fight for LGBT rights as the average Cheney, especially in signing on with a network that has itself made a firm commitment to do the bare minimum of dilligent journalism…maybe:

This surely came as a big relief to NBC, which would like to prevent politics from sullying the Games. Questioned about how the network was going to handle the issue, an NBC executive said, essentially, that the IOC’s got it covered. (A scary thought. Remember this expose?)

Pressed a little further, the executive elaborated during a Television Critics Association press tour last weekend: “Right now they have a law that is the law of their land, and governments across the world have different laws, but as long as it doesn’t affect us or the athletes, we will again acknowledge that it exists, but I don’t know what it’s going to mean to us yet.”

It’s appalling enough that someone like Weir would sign on to help NBC in whitewashing Russia’s draconian anti-LGBT laws, if it mentions them at all.  But to act counter to the LBGT movement by saying that, from a position of immense security, you’ve never been threatened and that activists are “idiots” makes Johnny Weir not just a bad LGBT individual or a bad member of the media, but a bad human being.


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