The Scumbag and the Coward, A Tale of Wyoming Politics

If you don’t follow politics, this might not be getting much play, but recently Liz Cheney, elder daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, has recently ignited a family controversy.  In her bid to secure the primary for the United States Senate seat in Wyoming she has come out vehemently against Marriage Equality because Wyoming is full of bigots and that sort of thing can help you win a Republican Primary.  (Or maybe not LOL.)

The problem with all this is that Liz Cheney’s sister, Mary, is a lesbian who is married to her partner Heather Poe.  It’s a pretty scumbag move to attack your own sister for personal political gain, but in the larger picture Mary Cheney isn’t exactly an innocent party.  She followed up her LGBT advocacy work with the Coors Brewing Company by offering silent support to the Bush-Cheney campaign in 2000, and then actual support to the 2004 campaign by serving as her father’s Director of Vice Presidential Operations. [Wikipedia]

When her mother stated in a 2000 interview that “Mary has never declared such a thing [being a lesbian],” Mary Cheney was silent. [W]

When Bush supported a Federal Marriage Amendment to the U.S. Constitution banning Marriage Equality, Mary Cheney was silent. [W]

When NOM anti-gay pledge signee and  former gay-bashing bully Mitt Romney ran for President in 2012….Mary Cheney actually was not silent, she gave $2,500 to his campaign. [W]

And it’s not like you can make the claim that Cheney was still growing up or coming to terms with herself.  She’s 44 years old now, which means she was, at worst, 30 when Bush and Cheney began vying for the Presidency.  No, Mary Cheney is simply a selfish coward bred from the same cloth as her sister.  That she’s so public now about being hurt by the comments of a sister who isn’t going to get elected anyway is a joke compared to how little she was hurt by her father’s support of policy that would actually disenfranchise her and many others like her.  She says ‘my sister is treating us as second class citizens’ while her ability to care about anyone not directly related to her is apparently still stuck at Coors somewhere.  She is what many failed conservatives are these days, someone trolling for book sales to people too dumb to know any better.


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