Enforcing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act

The Senate passed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and this House may or may not vote on it depending on how much Speaker John Boehner and House Republicans want to think and talk out of their asses.  Boehner’s problem with the law (one of them anyway) that has been echoed by a few other House Republicans is that ENDA will lead to frivolous lawsuits, mostly because the only action to take against any discrimination, real or perceived, is to sue the fucking hell out of the discriminator and see where that gets you.

But I have a solution that will pacify Boehner, and Republicans everywhere!

In addition to ENDA, the federal government should create an ENDA Oversight Committee tasked with constantly investigating all applicable companies and noteworthy terminations to ensure compliance.  This will accomplish a few things, one it will really piss off all the small-government types to have yet another bloated, bureaucratic, money-wasting committee on the books, but after attempts to drug test welfare recipients, the millions spent on DADT and DOMA defenses, and useless abortion restrictions, I figure Republicans owe Democrats a pretty substantial pile of money to set on fire.  But more importantly it will cut down on frivolous lawsuits freeing the courts to spend more time on the substantitive ones.  Bohener should be all for this, because after all, he opposes any form of discrimination.


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