Framing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act

For those that don’t know, the proposed federal ENDA would make it illegal for employers to fire individuals based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.  To hear the LGBT community talk about it though, it often gets framed as preventing employers from firing people for being gay.  While that might the thought behind the genesis of the proposed law and how it will most likely be practically applied, I think it is a mistake to frame it as protections solely for LGBT.

Just as non-LGBT allies have reached out to our community, we likewise need to keep their interests at heart and promote the fact that ENDA is just as much about preventing employers from firing them for their sexual orientation as it is us for ours.  Because in the states that do not have their own ENDA protections, I would assume it is just as easy to fire someone solely for being straight (legally speaking) as it is for being gay, even though that might not happen.


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