Preview: The Void

I suppose, since it’s been nine days since I posted the page for The Red Orchid Blooms and another three since I’ve actually written anything here, that I might as well tease my current project, The Void.

The Void is about a shared dream world where victims of abuse go when they are asleep where they can gain a few moments of respite from their desolate and hopeless lives.  The connection between The Void and the real world are tenuous and vary person to person.  Star Trek fans might find the concept to be somewhat familiar.  The story follows six characters in particular:

  • Taryn: A tenth grade bombshell from Bristol Connecticut
  • Eve: An androgynous eighteen year old German girl living across the border in Verdun, France
  • Natalie: A curvaceous twenty-six year old law graduate from Houston, Texas
  • Andrey: A reedy twenty-three year old entry-level engineer from upstate New York
  • Clementine: An eight year old girl from Lebanon, Indiana
  • Owen: A fifty-eight year old laid-off machinist from New Orleans, Louisiana

I wanted to cover a wide range of abuses so there are things that are very commonplace and things that might not get much notice, but still cause immense internal strife.  I’m roughly 26,000 words in and, as per usual, I don’t really know quite where things are headed at this point.  Later on I’ll post an excerpt.



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