Consequential Tragedies

Sometimes I think that I am broken beyond repair,

That a lifetime of inconsequential tragedies

Has left me only wanting consequential tragedies,

That the true sadness in the sadness I have known

Is that I have never truly known sadness,

That my despair is ordinary to the point of hopelessness.

I find myself addicted to insurmountable odds

And moments so unrealistic that not even my dreams can construct them.

There is nothing so alluring as forbidden love,

The Shakespearean grip on something that no one will let you have…

But you have anyway.

Moments become lifetimes and memories are whitewashed

Magnified in each others’ minds because all you have is each others’ minds

Wrapped within yourselves in a way no one can touch

There is torture in stability and restlessness in calm

All we’ll ever wish for hanging off the ledge is an arm to pull us up

Yet when it does, we eye the ledge again.


About Alex

I am awesome.

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