Updates, Success, and Thanks

So I got my quarterly report from Smashwords today, something I don’t pay super close attention to because it’s somewhat depressing to read sales of one or two books a week and earn about $10 every three months.  Imagine my surprise when I saw a little over $130 being sent to my Paypal account.  As it turns out, the short, cutesy Rescue Dog is selling quite well in the Apple and Barnes and Nobles stores for various e-readers (and it does okay on Kindle too).

A further look through Barnes & Nobles site actually shows that I have pretty good searchability and some pretty favorable reviews.  Rescue Dog and The Chosen are both averaging 5 stars (out of 5), and my less crafted and admittedly weaker works A Conversation with Lucifer and Soulmate are hitting 3.5 and 3 stars respectively.  (Considering that the former is somewhat self-indulgent, and the latter was written almost ten years ago, I’m both satisfied with, and learning from those comments.)

I would like to say thanks for the paycheck obviously, but even if you don’t buy books, for reading this site and for thinking and reacting and conversing and writing down your own thoughts.  I think writers are better off trying to elevate each other than they are competing.

On to more interesting news:

I’m about 110 pages into the final edit of The Red Orchid Blooms’s 259 pages though still waiting on cover art.  I hope to wrap everything up and get it out sometime within the next two weeks.

I also have a short story called Feministed fully written but unedited.  It’s about 3,000 words so I expect that to go quickly.  I think I will be doing my own cover on this one.

After that I will be working on my most heady work yet, to be called The Void, about a shared environment that abuse victims take refuge in while they dream.  If you’ve ever seen the episode Unimatrix Zero of Star Trek Voyager, you’ve seen the inspiration for the concept.

Author’s Note: Since I’ve come to realize that my short fiction is what sells the best, I will be splitting up Six Short Stories and re-releasing the stories individually.

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