Cube Wars Coming to This Page

A brief history: Cube Wars is a series of short stories written in diary form detailing the rise of (a fictional) Alexander Bauer from disgruntled office peon to disgruntled office warlord.  Regular office supplies are transformed into armaments, and cubicles outfitted to become bunkers and fortresses as he literally makes war on his bosses.

I wrote it in high school as a sort of fun story for my friends, and have since tried to edit it into something presentable.  I’ve failed, partially because the writing style is so different than where i am now, and partially because the format is not really conducive to e-publishing because there are a lot of pictures and that can cause issues with some devices.

But the blog format is perfect for them and since I don’t feel that the work is good enough to charge for, I will be publishing it here, piece by piece.


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