Read the (somewhat unedited) Red Orchid Blooms Prologue


“She,” the assistant started, hesitating on his opening word.  As if ‘she’ was a real person.  “She’s waiting for you in the cleansing room Mr. Black.”  Brian S. Black straightened his gold-rimmed nameplate, looking out the window on the far side of his office.  He could see into Princeton’s Holder Hall in the distance, wishing, not for the first time, that it was the University Chapel instead, where students really furthered their education.

“Thank you Mr. Ellison,” Black replied.  “I’ll be down shortly.”  He glanced into the small mirror that laid flat on his desk, checking his complexion.  It wouldn’t do to appear unseemly when he approached her.  Shortly satisfied, he stood, bumping his desk back a few millimeters as he did so, unaware of the irony of his rapidly expanding circumference.

The cleansing room, tucked into an abandoned corner of the basement was a sharp contrast from where Black’s office sat off the gleaming hallways above.  It was lit by a single bulb in the ceiling that cast a small circle of painful light on a T-shaped bar bolted to the floor.

Black stepped into the room, running a hand from his nose to his navel, and shoulder to shoulder as he did so, mirroring the crosses that covered three of the walls.  The only other decoration whimpered in the center of the room, her arms slung over the horizontal bar of the T and cuffed at the wrist.  A small chain running to a ring protruding from the floor kept her in place along with similar shackles on her ankles.  They prevented her from moving enough to shake the IV that ran from a connection in the ceiling to her left arm.  Her knees had grown red from kneeling on the hard concrete and were already starting to bruise.

“No humbler way to go before God.”  Black’s voice rumbled off the walls, sounding more like it had come from the speaker embedded in the ceiling than from his lips.  He should have let Ellison do this, Ellison had the fondness for the young ones, not Black.  The girl’s waiflike nude body had no impact on him as she was neither young, nor actually female.

“My name is Lily,” the girl whispered.  “I am a person-“

“You are an abomination!” Black cut her off.  “That’s why you’re here, defiling the rest of us with your filth, infecting us, polluting our society.  Human beings are people.  You…you oversexed harpy, are the devil’s handmaiden on earth.  Just look at where I found you, standing on that street corner.  You can’t help yourself.”

“I was born-“ Lily continued, trying to talk some humanity into her captor.

“You were born a creature.  Even now you barely pass as a woman,” he continued, gesturing towards her underdeveloped breasts.  “And then it begins, the insatiable craving, and the willingness to satisfy it by preying on our men and women.  What kind of awful thing needs such carnal pursuits for sustenance?  You truly are the devil’s creation.”

“Don’t kill me,” Lily whimpered, struggling against her restraints.  She began to think of the people that would miss her.  There were precious few.  Her parents had long been dead, and for a moment Lily wondered if they’d met a similar end.  They’d passed when she was very young and she knew little of the circumstances.

And then there was her lover, Asyon, an adorable Hindi nymph who’d been cast out onto the streets by adoptive parents that wanted nothing to do with a dirty little queer, let alone a creature.  She’d been homeless since she was fourteen, the day after she’d come out.  She’d appeared to Lily like she was straight out of an infomercial, malnourished and digging through a dumpster for food.  Lily fell in love instantly, the girl inspiring a protectiveness within her that few had.  She’d taken her into her studio apartment, a scant upgrade from the streets of New Jersey, but an upgrade nonetheless.  Asyon thought she was getting the best of the deal, grateful for the roof over her head, but Lily had cherished Asyon’s company far more than the Hindi girl would ever know.  She’d been there, a shoulder to cry on after the rough nights in her chosen profession, never jealous, always understanding.  It was Asyon and Asyon alone who knew her secret.  Or so she thought.

“I’m not here to kill you,” Brian said, straightening up and striking a chord of hope within the girl.  “I’m here to make you clean.”  With that he removed the stopper in the IV line and left the room.  He stayed to watch Lily as the toxin slowly infiltrated her system, paralyzing her muscles and diaphragm until she suffocated.  It wasn’t a nice way to go, but Black would have preferred worse.  They deserved it.  They all deserved it.

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