Nymph Story Progress (Not on the Title Obviously)

I started editing Nymph Story about a week ago and am through roughly 120 of the 270 pages so far.  This is a quicker pace than most of my edits, mostly because I find the story so compelling.  This is the best thing I’ve written, and even when it isn’t good, it’s still good.  While the sheer length (approximately 105,000 words) might cause a longer edit, I think the more polished nature might end up saving some time.

What’s it about?

Oh, right, getting to that.

Aurora Morse is an isolated creature, a Nymph requiring sex for sustenance, living with little knowledge of who or what she is.  She works as a whore in Newark to satisfy her cravings and fill her wallet.  When a rendezvous with a regular goes bad, Aurora learns that her name is well known in an underworld she didn’t know existed.  Fighting the desire to use her shape-shifting abilities to disappear, she sets out to discover who she is and why someone wants her dead.


About Alex

I am awesome.

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